5 Mountains That Almost Anyone Can Climb

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Mt Kilimanjaro




If you love mountain climbing and you do not have any basic training, you will still enjoy climbing the following mountains easily. Basically, you need strong mental and physical strength and determined to enjoy the adventure. Some exercises are also required prior to climbing the mountains. Focus on the following three exercises for a reasonable period of time prior to mountain climbing and you will find it easier to climb any mountain. The exercises include;

• planks

• press-ups

• Pull ups

• Bar hangs

• heel raises

5 easy mountains to climb for beginners

Mt Fuji-Japan

It is only 12,388 feet hence it is easy to climb. During summer, it is usually overcrowded but also it is not advisable to climb during winter due to the dangerous weather conditions. Most climbers prefer to climb the mountain at night so that by morning, they can witness the beautiful sunrise.

Mt Fuji

Cotopaxi – Ecuador

The fact that it is surrounded by a national park makes it a more exciting adventure. It may take up to three days to reach the peak. As such, climbers get the chance to camp around and enjoy the national park as well. The altitude may pose some problems at times so it is highly recommended that climbers visit the mountain during fair weather.

Mt Rainier – USA

If you are considering climbing higher and more difficult mountains, this should provide you the basic training. You need to be trained on rope skills because of the glaciers, most climbers will have to use ropes when climbing the mountain. It is located in Washington and many mountain climbers frequent this place. The season between May and September is the best for beginners but basically, one may climb the mountain anytime. This is the main reason why the mountain is the most visited among other easy mountains to climb.

Mount Rainier

Mt Kilimanjaro – Tanzania

This is the most popular mountain to climb in the world. This is mainly because it is accessible almost throughout the year since it is located along the equator. Mt Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing mountain in the world and hence it attracts many tourists and climbers as well. Depending on speed and acclimatization, it can take five to nine days to scale the mountain.

Mont Blanc – Italy and France

Located in the Italy and France border, it is one of the most iconic peaks in Europe. On average at least two hundred people try to climb this mountain. In the Alps, it is the tallest mountain and also one of the tallest mountains in Europe. Most European climbers attempt to climb this mountain because of ease of accessibility.

Mont Blanc


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