Getting Started With Indoor Rock Climbing

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If you are just starting out with indoor rock climbing there will be a local club that you can join to learn new techniques and develop your skills. Making sure that you follow all of the correct safety precautions is very important and as a beginner you need to make sure that you are with people who fully know what they are doing. There are dome basic fundamental skills that you will need to get started.

The first one is general body awareness. It is important that you are able to identify your centre of gravity because you have to use it stay in balance. This is not something that you can really teach and is a skill that you will develop, the more time you spend undertaking the activity. Balance is another fundamental skill which is developed naturally and some people will find that they pick it up easier than others. the key to good indoor rock climbing is to push with your legs and not constantly pull with your arms, making shifting your weight easier. Another thing which is fundamental to the activity is making sure that you climb with your arms straight in order to make your climbing as efficient as possible. If your arms are not straight, yo are using more energy which would be better conserved and used on other things. The key is to push rather than pull, which means that your motions will be a lot easier.

There are two more techniques which are fundamental to indoor rock climbing. These are flagging and edging. If you find yourself in a position where all holes are on the same side, flagging can help you. his technique is where you extent your leg out in the other direction in order to counter balance your body. Edging, as the name suggests is where you edge your shoes (either the outside or inside) into the hole. This should be used as much as possible when you want to change your position and keep your centre of gravity over your legs.

Pay attention to these important techniques and you will so develop your skills and become a better climber. The main thing is to take your time and not try to run (or climb) before you can walk.

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